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Garden for Wildlife

House Sparrow by Arvind Balaraman from FreePhoto.com

The most common bird at my feeders is the English House Sparrow. As I sit here typing this post one has come down to one of my feeders for a peanut. I have mixed feelings about non-natives like the English House Sparrow. They […]

Garden for Wildlife with Containers

This post, by Kevin Coyle, from the National Wildlife Federation reminded me that I needed to talk about gardening when you don’t have a yard.

As with a ground landscaping you need to focus on the Three Fundementals of attracting wildlife:

Food Water Cover

Mr. Coyle covers, in detail how to go about planting, providing […]

Garden for Wildlife

The second Saturday in May is designated as migratory bird day. Migratory Bird Day ties in perfectly with gardening for wildlife. As humans develop more and more land to serve our needs habitats for other animals, including migratory birds becomes more and more fragmented.

What does this mean? Imagine for a moment that you have, […]

Gardening for Wildlife

For what ever reason, many people have an antagonistic attitude towards bugs. Be they spiders or insects, people paint nearly all of these creatures with the epithet “bug” and declare war on any such animal that dares enter their yards. The arsenal used include many heavy chemicals that affect all insects, noxious or not, and […]

Garden for Wildlife

Welcome to May, the month of Flowers and change.

May is Garden for Wildlife month.

There are a lot of animals, such as the polar bear of the disappearing tigers that I can do little, directly, to help. I have to help others help them. But I can help my neighbors, like the mocking […]