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5 Reasons that people avoid nature (third in a series)

I live in an ugly place, there is no nature here. This is an extension of last week’s post. People think that nature is “out there” somewhere. They also tend to have stereotypes of what makes beauty in nature. Perhaps your perfect natural beauty is snorkeling in turquoise waters. Perhaps you prefer a leisurely walk […]

5 reasons that people avoid nature (second in a series)

A common complaint is that there are no nature reserves nearby. Underlying this statement is the belief that nature is “out there somewhere.” With that idea as an underlying assumption people neglect to see the nature that is all around them. Even in the most urban areas you can find wildlife if you look. This […]

5 reasons people avoid nature (first in a series)

Because it’s too hot, cold, wet, snowy, windy, sunny, cloudy, buggy, ___________ (insert the discomfort of your choice).

One of the most common reasons for hiding inside is the avoidance of discomfort. Modern American society is all about comfort and appearance. Turn on the TV and stop for a moment to really watch what they […]