3 Fall art projects

I focus a lot on siency things on this blog because quite frankly, that’s my background. Before I was involved with the science of things, I was more interested in art. Not to the point of studying; I just like puttering with it. I find it relaxing.

Nature is an artist’s paradise. It is full of color, shape, texture, sound and smell. It invites you to explore it and play in it. The activities below invite your child and your own inner child to have fun with what you see.

Autumn Leaves and Conkers, FreePhotos.com, Catherine Hadler

  1. Start with a walk.
    • Collect leaves and fall flowers, small rocks and pebbles, interesting sticks and twigs, bits of loose bark, seed pods, and any thing else that captures your fancy.
    • Bring them home and use white glue to paste these to a card or heavy paper in any design.
    • Be abstract or realistic, it doesn’t matter.
    • Play with textures and colors.
    • Have fun.
  2. Start with a walk.
    • Collect interesting flowers or leaves, as above.
    • Line them up in a narrow row on a sheet of contact paper to make a bookmark.
    • Cover with another sheet of contact paper and cut the bookmark out of the paper.
    • Alternatively you can use use contrasting paper as a background and cover the top with contact paper.
    • For fun, write a short poem about the walk or the object on the back of the bookmark.
    • These make great kid to adult gifts for birthdays and Christmas.
    • Have fun.
  3. Start with a walk.
    • Collect leaves, flowers and other things that represent the textures and feeling of autumn in your area. (Or Spring if you are south of the equator.)
    • Take a paper plate, the cheap, plain paper ones work best, the glue sticks better.
    • Staple a pretty ribbon or string in a loop on the back to hang it from.
    • Glue the things that you have found around the edge.
    • Be whimsical.
    • If you have really thick things you may need to use string or wire to help hold it.
    • Cut out the center of the plate to make the wreath.
    • Hang it on your door to honor the season.
    • Have fun.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that you can do. They are also flat art. What kinds of sculptures could you make from your found objects? Is there music in them? What sounds do they make?

I hope you will take the time to wander your area. Even the most urban area has things to work with if you look well enough. Although I have focused on organic things like plants and seeds, you can play with anything you see as a found object. The point is to have ideas and to see patterns and beauty around and to translate it into an image in your mind, then share it with others.

And, always have fun.

I hope you’ll share your ideas in the comments.

4 comments to 3 Fall art projects

  • Hey thanks for fresh stuff here! By the way I wanted to ask about material. From where are you getting these ideas?

    • thenatureschool

      Much of it comes from remembering years of summer camp/teaching/other nature education experience. When I get something from a specific site, I try to link and/or credit the site.

      I am glad that you enjoyed it.

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