A tribute to a friend…

Magnificent Frigate Bird (c) BChase/TheNatureSchool

A dear friend who I never got to meet in person passed away today. This blog exists, in part, because of her example. My friend was passionate about life and she lived life. She was a woman who once taken with an idea moved to see it come to fruition. Myself, I am more cautious. I want to know that nothing can go wrong. My friend thought things through, came up with a plan, took action in the appropriate time. She didn’t wait to know that all the kinks had been worked out, she worked the kinks out as she went. Because of that example, this blog is alive and I have steadfastly posted each and every Sunday since it went live.

There are still a lot of kinks to work out with this blog. There are things with the coding that I want to work better and I will find the knowledge and expertise to get them as I want them. There are time when I think the writing and the subject are far from my best work but that is the way of life. We have an idea, we think of how to do and we do it. If things don’t go according to plan we evaluate, tweak and do again.

Another thing my friend taught me is that we can’t always do all we want at the level we want all the time. I would like this blog to have more of my time but I choose to spend time learning how to teach in the classroom so that those students get the best I can give them. I also make sure that I take the time to sit, in my sit spot, and savor the the beauty that is around me. This is something else I learned from my friend. Be where you are.

So, because my friend taught me to take action, even when things weren’t perfect, to improve as you go, and to determine your priorites, I have this blog where I share my love of nature and of connecting people to nature each and every week.

Fair winds and following seas, chrissiejane.

2 comments to A tribute to a friend…

  • Claire

    We lost a good friend last year to the same thing. It’s a horrible disease. My sympathies, my dear.

    • thenatureschool

      I know, it is. We were all sad to hear (w/in the last few months) it had resurfaced after her treatment over a year ago and we knew she was terminal but the real shock was that she passed so quickly. I don’t think even Jane expected things to pass this quickly. The good news is that she did not suffer for weeks or months and she died peacefully. I find great comfort in that thought.