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World Wetlands Day 2012: Part 2

Aransas NWR Gator in the Wetland (c)Beth Chase/TheNatureSchool all rights reserved

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. The theme this year is Wetland Tourism: A Great Experience. Perhaps you have visited some famous wetlands and can describe your own experience, perhaps not. You don’t have to travel far to find wetlands, very likely […]

World Wetlands Day 2012

World Wetland Day Comic from WWD site 2011

In February of 1971 a group of scientists and world leaders met in Ramsar, Iran to discuss what could be done to protect wetlands around the world. These people were concerned about the rapid loss of wetland habitats and wanted to see if there was […]

TED Imperatives and Nature

Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things, I return to nature. — Wynn Bullock

Connecting with nature is a lot like connecting with people. It is a relational thing. A connection is not just about heart or about head knowledge it is about both. We connect with […]

The artificiality of time

FreePhoto.com Photographer not Attributed

This is riff off of Seth Godin’s post of Jan 2, 2012 wherein he talks about the fact that time is an artificial construct. Although physicists would argue this, I tend to agree with the point I think he is trying to make.

I have always gravitated to places […]

AONC style year in review

This has been my second year running The Nature School blog. I began this blog with two simple purposes. The first was to connect me to nature and nature education. To bypass the gate keepers and to take personal action on a personal goal to help others find meaningful connection to nature. The second was […]

Saving the oceans from plastics

5 major Oceanic Gyres @ Wikipedia

Did you know that 80% of the plastics in the Oceans come from land? This trash washes down our rivers and streams and ultimately into the sea. There are 5 major ocean vortices in the world (as well as many small ones). A vortex […]

Magnifying glass fun

Image: FreePhoto.com by Sujin Jetkasettakorn

Kids love magnifying glasses.

A simple way to do free play is to give a kid a magnifying glass, a few things to examine as a starting thing and then let her go to town. As it were.

10 things that you can start with.

A daisy, dandelion […]

Monarch Migration 2011

This post is inspired by a few things.

First there was my observation to my best friend and fellow nature nut that I hadn’t seen any Monarchs so far this year. We hypothesized that the drought and fires were taking their toll on them as they tried to work there way south. Then, about a […]

World Animal Day and Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi

Today is World Animal Day. Started in 1931 by a group of ecologists and celebrated on 4 October every year World Animal Day brings focus to the needs and plight of animals around the world. The founders selected 4 October because it is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of […]

Wangari Maathai

It all began for Dr. Maathai from a memory of a stream near her house where she played and got water. As her life continued Dr. Maathai noticed that destruction of the local environment and its ecology were linked to poverty. In fact, she was one of the first to state this observation publicly. But […]