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Overcoming fear

I had to admire a grandfather who was out at a local birding site I was visiting today.

Poppy was there with his young, 6ish granddaughter, to look at the birds and see the sights.

As you enter the site there is a big sign advising people that they are in alligator territory and telling […]

Public Lands Day

Children from FreePhoto.net no photographer listed

It’s National Public Lands Day here in the US. I hope that you will get out and celebrate by taking part in one of the many activities available.

An use the interactive map here to find something in your state.

In addition to that […]

Connecting to nature is not about scale

“What mattered to my father (Edward Kennedy) was not the scale of an accomplishment, but that we did our share to make the world better,” Kara Kennedy.

Kara Kennedy died today. I know this because of an NPR headline that I saw my iGoogle page. Were it not for that fact I would […]

email subscription

Open request to those people who are following me. I am trying to set up an email subscription to this blog using the g-lock double opt in for wordpress. So far I have not been able to get the widget to work. For those of you who are trying to subscribe and have not heard […]

Staying connected to nature when the weather is awful

Copyright Porbital from FreePhoto.com

This has been a tough year for weather. Here in Texas we are experiencing the worst drought in the state’s history. In the coastal bend of Texas the temperatures have routinely been in the high 90’s and in other places of the state the temperatures have […]

Dealing with a fear of nature

We live in fearful times. Terrorists. Amber alerts. West nile. Lyme disease. And the latest and greatest, killer amoeba.

I’d started writing this post before the latest headlines took over the news with a small boy being the third person this year to die from this amoeba. It is understandable to be […]

5 reasons that people avoid nature (5th in a series)

Many people tell me that they don’t know what they do outside.

This is related to last weeks post. Modern culture tends to demand perfection and high levels of knowledge before we feel that we have permission to start. There is only one answer to this.

Just go do.

Go outside and do something, anything, […]

5 reasons people avoid nature (4th in a series)

We live in an age where people place high value on expertise and feel embarrassed to be a beginning amateur. Where once upon a time people dabbled with paints or plants, now most people avoid activities they feel they are not good at or that they feel too hard. We avoid the things like this.


5 Reasons that people avoid nature (third in a series)

I live in an ugly place, there is no nature here. This is an extension of last week’s post. People think that nature is “out there” somewhere. They also tend to have stereotypes of what makes beauty in nature. Perhaps your perfect natural beauty is snorkeling in turquoise waters. Perhaps you prefer a leisurely walk […]

5 reasons that people avoid nature (second in a series)

A common complaint is that there are no nature reserves nearby. Underlying this statement is the belief that nature is “out there somewhere.” With that idea as an underlying assumption people neglect to see the nature that is all around them. Even in the most urban areas you can find wildlife if you look. This […]