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Magnifying glass fun

Image: FreePhoto.com by Sujin Jetkasettakorn

Kids love magnifying glasses.

A simple way to do free play is to give a kid a magnifying glass, a few things to examine as a starting thing and then let her go to town. As it were.

10 things that you can start with.

  1. A daisy, dandelion or similar flower. Daisies are awesome because they have all kinds things to look at. The flower heads have two types of flowers (ray on the outside & disk in the center), the leaves have texture, the stems have texture. In short, they are just a lot of fun to explore.
  2. The seed head on a piece of grass.
  3. A pile of sand.
  4. A handful of garden soil on a plate.
  5. A bunch of seed heads from different plants.
  6. 10 different kinds of leaves from 10 different plants.
  7. 5 (or more) different kinds of flowers.
  8. Several kinds of cloth and thread.
  9. 7 different kinds of wood.
  10. ____________________________ Fill in the blank with things you see!

I still love exploring with a magnifying glass.  It is like there is a whole other world you can see when you get up close and personal with things. Kids love to do this kind of thing. There is so much to see. The key is exploration, not mere identification. If your kid is the one that has to know proper names of everything, by all means, indulge him. But if you have the kid that just wants to look a hundred different things, let him. This is play.

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