National Wildlife Week

From Monday, Mar 14 through Friday Mar 19 the National Wildlife Foundation is celebrating National Wildlife Week. The theme this year is “The Wildlife That Moves Us”. What is that for you?

For me it’s birds. I remember, as a child, having a copy of ┬áThe Little Giant Golden Book of Birds of the World. I would thumb through that book regularly and look at all the pictures and the names. I wonder now if that is why I recognize, and can name, birds that I don’t have any memory of having seen before.

I think it is natural for humans to connect to living things. I think that finding links to the wildlife of the world is one way to make a stronger connection to the natural world.

This week the National Wildlife Foundation is going to be highlighting an animal of the day each day of the week. To honor that tradition, and to showcase my first love among the wildlife of the world, I will showcase a bird of the day.

You can learn more about Wildlife Week by going to NWF’s website. There are pages for kids, teens, educators, and parents.

I hope you will join NWF for their showcase and join me for mine.

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