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5 reasons that people avoid nature (5th in a series)

Many people tell me that they don’t know what they do outside.

This is related to last weeks post. Modern culture tends to demand perfection and high levels of knowledge before we feel that we have permission to start. There is only one answer to this.

Just go do.

Go outside and do something, anything, […]

5 reasons people avoid nature (4th in a series)

We live in an age where people place high value on expertise and feel embarrassed to be a beginning amateur. Where once upon a time people dabbled with paints or plants, now most people avoid activities they feel they are not good at or that they feel too hard. We avoid the things like this.


5 Reasons that people avoid nature (third in a series)

I live in an ugly place, there is no nature here. This is an extension of last week’s post. People think that nature is “out there” somewhere. They also tend to have stereotypes of what makes beauty in nature. Perhaps your perfect natural beauty is snorkeling in turquoise waters. Perhaps you prefer a leisurely walk […]

5 reasons that people avoid nature (second in a series)

A common complaint is that there are no nature reserves nearby. Underlying this statement is the belief that nature is “out there somewhere.” With that idea as an underlying assumption people neglect to see the nature that is all around them. Even in the most urban areas you can find wildlife if you look. This […]

5 reasons people avoid nature (first in a series)

Because it’s too hot, cold, wet, snowy, windy, sunny, cloudy, buggy, ___________ (insert the discomfort of your choice).

One of the most common reasons for hiding inside is the avoidance of discomfort. Modern American society is all about comfort and appearance. Turn on the TV and stop for a moment to really watch what they […]

Nature Journaling part ii

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about nature journalling as a method to connect to a place. It is a powerful way to be present and anyone who can hold a crayon or a pencil can create a journal. If you are anything like me you can become intimidated by fancy journals like this […]

Happy Father’s Day

Hope you are having a great father’s day. I hope that you have had the opportunity to play outside with your kids today. Down here in the coastal bend area it was prime beach day and lots of families made the trek to the beach for picnics, cook outs and fun in the sun.

Kids […]

Nature Journaling

Journalling is one way to keep track of the things you encounter on your nature explorations. Journalling allows to you capture and reflect on what you have seen, felt and wondered as you are out and about. There are many different ways to journal. You can write, You can draw. You can take a photo. […]

United Nations World Environment Day

Today is the UN observation of World Environment Day. This year’s theme and focus is on forests.

According to website, the purpose of World Environment Day is to celebrate the achievements you have made in preserving or connecting others to environment. In this era of “BIG ISSUES”, where it seems that there are so many […]

Garden for Wildlife

House Sparrow by Arvind Balaraman from FreePhoto.com

The most common bird at my feeders is the English House Sparrow. As I sit here typing this post one has come down to one of my feeders for a peanut. I have mixed feelings about non-natives like the English House Sparrow. They […]