Some days are like that

This has been a bad day. One of those days where just getting the basic stuff done is a schlog. (Stolen, without apology, from Betty Friedan). A schlog is that sort of motion or effort where it feels like you are moving through peanut butter to get anything done. And then it got a little worse. And  then I realized that the post I wanted to do was not ready and I and I didn’t have what I needed to have to finish it up and I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I was sitting staring at my screen wondering what to say and hating the idea of posting and wondering why I had started this whole project when I realized that I just needed to sit. And be still. Outside. So that’s what I am doing. Kind of.

Nature has wonderful restorative powers. In the moments that it took me to type the paragraph above I have been graced with the company of a Mockingbird who came and sat on the shepherds crook where the hummingbird feeder is hanging. A few late bees are buzzing in the flowers of the pyrocanthus. I can see the monarch caterpillar that is eating the tropical milkweed in the garden. Laughing gulls are screeching their territorial and mating calls. Redwing blackbirds, having depleted my feeders, are singing in the tree tops. The white wing doves are seeking their nightly roosts.

As I sit here, I can feel the energy of the day calming and shifting its focus from busy to restful and it is bringing my being along with it.

A week ago the Mesquite in my yard was naked. Today it is clothed in a soft, feathery green lace of new leaves. There is  fragrance on the air that I can’t  name and can’t place but it is subtle, floral, and pretty. Grandmotherly. It makes me think of safe and comfortable places. A butterfly is dancing through the lace in the mesquite.

It has taken me less than a half hour to write this post. In that time my breathing has shifted and calmed. The knots in my forehead have untied themselves. I feel restored. I wrote a post that is real, authentic.

This is why I turn to nature when everything is going, as my friend Sue would say, “pear shaped” I come outside and sit. Or walk. Or ride a bike. Or anything of the sort but especially sit. This does not work inside. It takes outside and it takes pausing for even the briefest of moments to notice one thing. For example…

  1. Noticing the Mockingbird led to
  2. Hearing the gulls which led to hearing the
  3. Blackbirds which caused me to look around and see
  4. The Caterpillar which made look up at
  5. The mesquite where I saw the butterfly that made look back at my garden
  6. Oh look, there’s another caterpillar.


Some days are like that. Even in Australia. Thank goodness.

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