Free Play VS Purpose

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We are a purpose driven society. This is a good thing. It has led to improved medicine, communications, better health, more comfort to more people, and, I think, improved well being. Being purpose driven is what leads us to give to others even when there […]

Doing science part 3: creating curious teens. image by Dynamite Imagery

Teenagers are a jaded lot. They know everything and nothing. They are social creatures, and their primary focus is building raport with peers while learning how to separate from adults and do their own thing. It isn’t that they aren’t interested in anything. It’s that […]

Doing science image by: graur razvan ionut

I have said this before, we live in an over structured world, here in the upscale western world. This lesson has been brought home to me in a personal way lately via my classroom. At the start of the year and in past […]

Why unstructured play is good for the brain and 10 things to do.

Anyone who reads this blog know that I am a big advocate of unstructuring experiences. I advocate this because I believe that it is just good for people to slow down and interact in low tech ways. It isn’t that I don’t think that technology has its place it’s that I think that we have […]

Get Wild Child

Here in the US, this past week was National Wildlife Week. This observance was started by the National Wildlife Federation in 1938 as National Wildlife Restoration Week. From its early roots to the present, the focus has always been to maintain relationship with the natural world to encourage protection of the lands and species. What […]