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TED Imperatives and Nature

Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things, I return to nature. — Wynn Bullock

Connecting with nature is a lot like connecting with people. It is a relational thing. A connection is not just about heart or about head knowledge it is about both. We connect with other people when we show up. When we are interested. When we are interesting. When we are generous. (TED imperatives via Seth Godin.)

Show up. Get outside. Find a place to begin and take it in.

Be interested. Watch what is going on around you. Listen to the noises both human: people talking, cars, cell phones ringing, whatever, and non-human: birds chirping, squirrels scolding, the breeze, whatever. Just take it in.

Be interesting. Believe it or not, if you stop and are still long enough a lot of critters will stop and notice you. You can increase your level of interesting by feeding a squirrel a peanut or scattering some cracked corn or sunflower seed for a bird. I have had hummingbirds fly up and check me out because I was wearing red or yellow.

Be generous. I keep bird feeders with black oil sunflower seed to feed the birds that come to the neighborhood. I also plant things that provide food. We have so altered the various ecologies with our landscaping that it is often difficult for critters to find food. Another generosity is simply allowing something to live. That may sound like an arrogant statement but it is the opposite. When we kill something, like a fly or a bee, because it is inconvenient, creepy, or scary, we are acting out of selfishness rather than generosity.

Nature is relational. The scientific world for this relational nature is Ecology. Connect with nature. You are part of the ecology whether you acknowledge this or not. Be a positive part.

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