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Your yard as a nature center

You don’t have to travel far to get outside and start enjoying a little nature. You also don’t have to be in the depth of the wilderness to enjoy nature. Even your landscaped neighborhood has benefits of nature. It doesn’t take much to begin and it is addictive. In my yard, just coming out of […]

A Sense of Wonder

I think we live in a jaded world. Perhaps this makes me a jaded person. Perhaps this is not news to people who are reading this blog. Perhaps you are the sort of person who lives in a state of wonder and you think I am smoking my socks. If you are in the latter […]

What is a hundred acre wood place anyway?

I was blessed as a child, growing up in a small New England town just north of Boston, to have a couple hundred acre woods kinds of places. One was the big wooded area behind my cousin’s house that had, no doubt, been the kitchen gardens for all the houses that enclosed it before the […]


I am continuing to focus on the purpose and focus of this blog, not so much so that I can find one but so that I can articulate what is already in my head. In any dream there is a lot of “fluff”. Or, perhaps, not fluff so much as bits and pieces that really […]


The hardest part about anything is starting. This is not news to anyone, of course. Commiting to things is sometimes a challenge. There is always the fear that you’ll fail. The fear that thing will overtake you and take on a life of its own. The fear that you’ll be successful and you’ll have to […]