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This past week I did an exploration lab with my biology students. Over the course of the year, I had observed that their observation skills were sorely lacking so I wanted to give them practice observing things.

The lab was simple enough. Since we were concluding a unit on plants, I set up six stations […]

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 is scheduled for April 22. My city celebrated it yesterday, April 17, with a small festival. I helped out with the local chapter of Master Naturalists. We had tables full of goodies, from fish specimens to bones, for kids to explore. This year, I got to be the bone lady. We had […]

Nature education, where you live

The other day I was teaching a lesson on one of the Biological Kingdoms. As part of the lessons I conducted a lab lesson about microscopic organisms that live nearby. I brought water from a freshwater pond and from the Laguna Madre. The Laguna Madre is one of only five hypersaline lagoons in the world. […]

water, shelter, and food

These are the three elements to attracting wildlife. Most people begin with the food by putting up a feeder or two and food is a big attractant. Often the next step is adding a water feature. Water features can range from the complex and expensive to the simple and inexpensive.

I remember my uncle and […]