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A new beginning for TheNatureSchool

Emerging Black Swallowtail

Welcome to the new home of TheNatureSchool. It is time to move to the next level in my goal to earn my bread and butter teaching about Nature and about how to teach about and using Nature. That is the goal and purpose of TheNatureSchool.

I began […]

Sound and smell

We are a sight dependent species. Although there are other species, and eagle for example, who could make our quality of vision seem paltry, we rely heavily on site. Further, in this technologically miraculous age, we often have gadgets in front of our faces and or covering our ears. We forget to connect with the […]

Raggedy garden.

My butterfly garden is a small affair. And, as it is transitioning from spring to summer it is also a ragged affair. The spring plants, which do well in the cool are looking weedy and brown. The dill is going to seed. And if I don’t give it constant attention, it threatens to be overwhelmed […]

A short post…..

In a perfect world, I’d be a week or two ahead of myself with posts so that it would be easy to keep to the schedule. I, however, have not yet created a perfect world. I had started a post about the Gulf Oil Spill but at the moment it doesn’t have a point and […]