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Sharing nature is a village affair

Gator @ Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (c)2010 MEChaseTheNatureSchool

This past week I took a trip to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to do some birding and photography. Aransas NWR is the winter home of the remaining flock of wild Whooping Cranes. There is an eastern flock that is being bred and […]

Doing science part 3: creating curious teens.

FreePhoto.com image by Dynamite Imagery

Teenagers are a jaded lot. They know everything and nothing. They are social creatures, and their primary focus is building raport with peers while learning how to separate from adults and do their own thing. It isn’t that they aren’t interested in anything. It’s […]

Doing science part 2

freedigitalphotos.com Image by Rosemary Ratcliff

Science is, at its foundation, a creative endeavor and, as a creative endeavor, it needs to be treated so. The problem is that, in most people’s minds and in most classrooms, science is treated more as a body of knowledge than as a process and […]

Doing science

FreePhoto.com image by: graur razvan ionut

I have said this before, we live in an over structured world, here in the upscale western world. This lesson has been brought home to me in a personal way lately via my classroom. At the start of the year and in […]