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Unplug and spend some time with yourself

I want to take a moment to advocate that we take a minute to unplug. For each of us to schedule time away from our electronics and go for a walk. Take 30 minutes to be present with ourselves and the world around us. Wake early enough to allow yourself time to walk in the […]

14 Christmas Gifts for the Budding Naturalist

FreePhoto.com Image by Simon Howden

Shopping for the nature lover is easy. Gifts to help the nature lover, especially a budding one, can be simple and inexpensive. Gifts like these don’t usually require batteries or cables. The object of the game is to keep is simple. This is about connecting […]

Decorating for the holidays, birdy style

Jay in Snow FreePhoto.com Image by Dr. Joseph Valks

It is the holiday season. A time for decorations and festive foods. In most parts of the the northern hemisphere it is also a time for the food supplies to be buried if you are a bird or an animal. While […]

The power of observation

FreePhoto.com Image by Daniel St. Pierre

As a Girl Scout I remember a common game we would play to practice memory skills and strengthen observation. It involved placing an assortment of items on a table, covering them with a cloth that would be removed for 30 seconds or so. In that time we […]