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Every day is Earth Day

You go into a community and they will vote 80 percent to 20 percent in favor of a tougher Clean Air Act, but if you ask them to devote 20 minutes a year to having their car emissions inspected, they will vote 80 to 20 against it. We are a long way in […]

Get Out!

A few weeks ago a fellow nature educator, Judy Molland, sent me a copy of her book “Get Out! 150 Ways for Kids and Grown-ups to Get into Nature and Build a Greener Future (2009, free spirit press).*

It seems that this is an excellent time to do a detailed review. After all, Children and […]

Make your yard the one stop building supply store for your local birds

FreePhoto.com by Christian Meyn

Last week I talked about how to start prepping your yard for nesting birds by setting out nest boxes for the cavity nesters.

Of course not all nesters are cavity nesters. Many birds build nests in trees or shrubs, usually trying to find an area that […]

Spring is in the air and a young bird’s fancy

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson, it is that time of year.

FreePhoto.com by Liz Noffsinger

Watching out of my classroom window the other day I was pleased to note that the sparrows are making use of the freeze killed Ficus that grew there to gather nesting material. While […]