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Dealing with a fear of nature

We live in fearful times. Terrorists. Amber alerts. West nile. Lyme disease. And the latest and greatest, killer amoeba.

I’d started writing this post before the latest headlines took over the news with a small boy being the third person this year to die from this amoeba. It is understandable to be […]

5 reasons that people avoid nature (5th in a series)

Many people tell me that they don’t know what they do outside.

This is related to last weeks post. Modern culture tends to demand perfection and high levels of knowledge before we feel that we have permission to start. There is only one answer to this.

Just go do.

Go outside and do something, anything, […]

5 reasons people avoid nature (4th in a series)

We live in an age where people place high value on expertise and feel embarrassed to be a beginning amateur. Where once upon a time people dabbled with paints or plants, now most people avoid activities they feel they are not good at or that they feel too hard. We avoid the things like this.