Lessons from the Moon: Fourth Quarter

Image: Copyright NASA

The moon has been a source of fascination for people through out time. Every culture has stories about it that explain its existence, why it passes through phases, and that tell what might happen to people at different times in its cycle. The term lunatic comes from the belief […]

Earth Hour part 2

On Friday I posted a mini update announcing Earth Hour for Saturday. This year was even bigger than years previous. I hope this is a trend that continues not a fad that fizzles out. At as child (highschool aged) of the 70’s I have seen the green thing come and go in one cycle already. […]

Get Wild Child

Here in the US, this past week was National Wildlife Week. This observance was started by the National Wildlife Federation in 1938 as National Wildlife Restoration Week. From its early roots to the present, the focus has always been to maintain relationship with the natural world to encourage protection of the lands and species. What […]