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A tribute to a friend…

Magnificent Frigate Bird (c) BChase/TheNatureSchool

A dear friend who I never got to meet in person passed away today. This blog exists, in part, because of her example. My friend was passionate about life and she lived life. She was a woman who once taken with an idea moved to […]

Halloween creature myths

Last week I mentioned that it was time to take a bat walk and, with the pleasant weather that much of the country has been having, it might still be possible. Most Bats either migrate or hibernate so anywhere that it is too cold for insects it is too cold for bats. Bats use a […]

For halloween, take a bat walk…

FreeDigitalPhots.com image by Simon Howden

Halloween is coming in a couple of weeks and the Moon is waxing to full by next Sunday. This a great time to get out in the evening, in the cool fall air, and look for those animals that come out in the night. One of my favorite […]

Gardening vs Landscaping: a thought ramble

One of the things that I like about gardening is that you don’t have to get it right. Gardening is not the same as landscaping. It isn’t about creating the perfectly groomed look. Gardening is about creating something beautiful. Or useful. Or both. All gardeners have a style. Some of us plant for food. Some […]

3 Fall art projects

I focus a lot on siency things on this blog because quite frankly, that’s my background. Before I was involved with the science of things, I was more interested in art. Not to the point of studying; I just like puttering with it. I find it relaxing.

Nature is an artist’s paradise. […]