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What’s in a name?

Image Mark Aert from FreePhoto.com

Okay, so language may not be the only tool to build connection but I think it is one of the most powerful ones. In his book, To Have or To Be, psychiatrist Erich Fromm puts forth the premise that language colors our whole perception of […]

Free Play VS Purpose

Image by Arvind Balaraman from FreePhoto.com

We are a purpose driven society. This is a good thing. It has led to improved medicine, communications, better health, more comfort to more people, and, I think, improved well being. Being purpose driven is what leads us to give to others even when […]

out in the elements

Image by: Simon Howden; FreePhoto.com

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are, of course, in the midst of winter (you southern hemisphere folk will have to wait till July). What winter looks like varies greatly from latitude to latitude. What winter usually does usually have as a common […]

*and under the pavement the soil is dreaming of grass

from FreePhoto.com image by :Frederico Stevenin

According to Wendell Berry, “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.”

So, what’s the point of all these activites? The point is connection. What is the point of connection? People only really care about things that they […]

Starting the year

Image by Idea Go from FreePhoto.com

It is a common practice for people to start the new year with resolutions to do this or to do that. If you are among the people who follow this practice I would like to challenge you to add “get out doors and connect […]