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Some days are like that

This has been a bad day. One of those days where just getting the basic stuff done is a schlog. (Stolen, without apology, from Betty Friedan). A schlog is that sort of motion or effort where it feels like you are moving through peanut butter to get anything done. And then it got a little […]

Earth Hour Mar 26, 2011

Next Saturday, Mar 26 is the 2011 day to celebrate Earth Hour and, at 8:30 pm your time, turn out all your lights and non-essential electric appliances and celebrate the transition from day to night. Click the link above and get lots of ideas and information.

As you know from past posts, […]

Celebrate wildlife that run and crawl

Anyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons is probably familiar with the Roadrunner today’s featured bird from National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Week, animals that Run and Crawl.

There are two variations of the Roadrunner. The Lesser Roadrunner is found in southern Mexico, parts of Central America as well as a separate population on the Yucatan that […]

Celebrate wildlife that hop and leap

Today the National Wildlife Federation is celebrating wildlife that hop and leap. Sad to say that they don’t have a bird on the list and I think that they are a little remiss in this. There are lots of birds that are noted for hopping behavior. The most common North American bird that comes to […]

Celebrate National Wildlife Week

Today the National Wildlife Federation is featuring Animals that Swim as its focus.

The bird they feature is the Mallard. An excellent choice because the Mallard duck is easily found almost anywhere in the northern hemisphere making it recognizable to many people. The male mallard is often one of the first waterfowl that children learn […]

Celebrate National Wildlife Week

Today’s focus on National Wildlife Week is Wildlife that Dig or Climb. You can get the poster and the trading cards here. (Each day will have a different focus and you have to wait until that day to get the poster and cards.)

Given my love of birds, imagine my delight when I saw that […]

Celebrate Wildlife that Fly

Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, dragonflies and all the other critters that fly are the focus of the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Week celebrations today. As I stated in yesterday’s post, I have long had a love of birds that I think started in a Golden Book of Birds that I treasured as a child. I […]

National Wildlife Week

From Monday, Mar 14 through Friday Mar 19 the National Wildlife Foundation is celebrating National Wildlife Week. The theme this year is “The Wildlife That Moves Us”. What is that for you?

For me it’s birds. I remember, as a child, having a copy of The Little Giant Golden Book of Birds […]

Gardening and choice

“We—human beings—are part of ‘biodiversity.’ We are dependent on the whole food chain down below us.” ~ Darrell Merrell, heirloom vegetable farmer

“But what is happieness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads.” Albert Einstein.

One of the things I like […]